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Market Snapshot - Big Trouble in Little China...Maybe

Today, we get a reprieve from the last few days of selling pressure in stocks.  Overnight, China cut interest rates and reduced ...
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6 Retirement Practices to Avoid

Each year more and more people reach the age of retirement; thus, we are inundated with information about our financial future. ...
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"Evening Under the Stars" Funds Scholarships, Programs at SCF

Who says fundraising has to be stodgy? Caldwell’s staff felt the love at the “All You Need is Love” Evening Under the Stars, the ...
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Do Stock Market Valuations Indicate Major Turning Points?

Many a market pundit has recently offered an opinion on stock valuations and most have ruled that the U.S. market is approaching ...
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Economic Development Roadshow Takes Interested Guests on Tour

As Caldwell Trust Company grows into the Bradenton/ Manatee County area, two of the company’s staff participated in the May 15 ...
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Roland G. Caldwell's Words Now Displayed at Entrance to Headquarters

When Roland G. Caldwell established Caldwell & Company in the 1970s, he may not yet have foreseen its successor, Caldwell Trust ...
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