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What Does a Trust Company Do?

by Caldwell Trust

Since trust companies handle many different asset management tasks, confusion abounds about the role and purpose of trust companies. As a result, it may be unclear why you might want to hire a trust company or how you can benefit from that partnership. 

According to Investopedia, these companies act as trustees for individuals and businesses, helping them manage and protect their assets. They also handle all administration and transfer duties associated with asset management.


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Investment Management

Trust companies like Caldwell Trust Company help to provide comprehensive investment management services using a personalized approach. We can help you tailor your portfolio to best support your investment goals and tolerance for risk.


We effectively fine-tune your strategy using thorough evaluations and extensive experience in navigating ever-changing financial markets. The guidance and oversight we provide will give you true peace of mind knowing that your investments are on track to meet your goals, year after year.


Trusts and Estate Planning

Peace of mind also comes from planning for the future of your family for generations to come. You can accomplish this goal by setting up trusts and acquiring estate planning services.


Whether you want to set aside money to provide for family members or send the funds to a charity, setting up a trust allows you to effectively plan and manage your finances. Beyond setting up this trust, a trust company also offers integrated estate management services. By completing the estate planning process, you can protect your wealth and transfer it to the appropriate parties when the time comes.


Legacy and Succession Planning

You can go a step beyond estate planning by working with a trust company like us to establish and follow a legacy plan. Through legacy and succession planning, you can go further than simply dividing your assets between your family members. This service allows you to add protective measures and share your financial values to ensure the wealth stays in your family.


We will help you determine how to best manage and protect these assets through the generations using your vision for the future.


Retirement Planning

We use our financial expertise to help businesses and individuals create their retirement plans.


Business owners can receive help building competitive retirement plan options that help them attract and retain excellent employees. Individuals can receive help navigating all their personal and employer-supplied retirement plans.


We also offer help with 401(k), cash balance, IRA, and other common retirement plan options to ensure you are set up to thrive in your golden years.


Partnering with a Trust Company in Managing Your Assets

Upon answering, “What does a trust company do,” it becomes clear how companies like Caldwell Trust Company can help you best manage and protect your assets.


Whether you own a business or want to manage your personal finances, you can easily partner with a trust company to get the job done.


If you would like to receive comprehensive support for all your asset management needs, contact our team and we’ll help you get on track to financial security.

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