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Which Tax Documents Do I Need to Keep?

With the huge amount of people doing their taxes online or via an accountant, it is easy to simply stuff your paperwork in a ...
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Market Snapshot - The Fed: Will They, Won’t They, If Not Now, When?

With respect to raising interest rates for the first time in almost a decade, we can’t recall a time when the arguments for and ...
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To Frack or Not to Refrack: That is the Question

In this investment letter we provide an update on what is happening within the U.S. oil patch and its implications. When scanning ...
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How Much Is Enough to Leave Your Children - College Years

For parents, children’s health and well being are always top-of-mind. This is particularly true in the unlikely, but possible, ...
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How Much Is Enough to Leave Your Children - Birth to 18

Most parents have certain reservations when it comes to leaving money to their children. How much is enough to leave your ...
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Market Snapshot - Big Trouble in Little China...Maybe

Today, we get a reprieve from the last few days of selling pressure in stocks.  Overnight, China cut interest rates and reduced ...
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6 Retirement Practices to Avoid

Each year more and more people reach the age of retirement; thus, we are inundated with information about our financial future. ...
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Do Stock Market Valuations Indicate Major Turning Points?

Many a market pundit has recently offered an opinion on stock valuations and most have ruled that the U.S. market is approaching ...
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What Kind of Returns Are You Expecting?

Many articles have been written highlighting the status of state and local government pensions.  Primarily, these writings ...
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