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Introducing Our New Downtown Sarasota Location in the Cain-Wilson Building, now the Caldwell Trust Company Building at 27 S. Orange Avenue

by Caldwell Trust

Our new Sarasota home, formerly known as the Cain Building, later the Cain-Wilson Building, is now the Caldwell Trust Company building.

In his extensive article about the structure, noted Sarasota historian Jeff LaHurd said, “Progress on the construction of the Cain Building was regularly featured in the Sarasota Herald, which offered that the building was ‘Second to none in terms of beauty and usefulness in all of Sarasota.’” Nearly 90 years later, the words are still arguably true. 


LaHurd reported that, “The paper proffered the Cain Building as a sign certain that Sarasota was on the rebound, reporting on June 28, 1935 that the city was experiencing ‘Much Activity In Real Estate And Building.’” We can’t help noticing a parallel. 


“Under a rendering the Herald enthused the ‘One story building with high ceilings will be attractive in every respect.” It still is. He added, “The front featured a colonnade of 12 pillars.” It still does. 


Construction began in June 1935 on a 108’ by 150’ parcel for the building, which would contain five stores, each 19’ by 57’. Now it will contain offices, conference rooms, state-of the art technical equipment, a vault, and other features that provide privacy and security to our valued clients. 


At the time, the Sarasota Herald featured numerous articles about the building’s construction progress, calling it “Second to none in terms of beauty and usefulness in all of Sarasota.” We’re biased, of course, but we couldn’t agree more.


According to LaHurd, “The Herald reported that only the best materials were used in construction of the building, and ‘the greatest care was taken to hire workmen who employ high standards of quality in their workmanship.’” We’ve scrupulously followed this example, ensuring that we’ve used sound building practices, high-quality craftsmanship, and the best materials in our loving renovation. 


In the late 1930s Bertha Franke, the building’s exclusive rental agent, had advertised, “You will add prestige to your business if it is located in this building.” Thank you, Mrs. Franke. We’re proud to be here!


If you'd like to learn more about our move into the former Cain-Wilson building, please explore these features from our local news sources:


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