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Why Sarasota is the Best Place for You to Retire

by Caldwell Trust

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If you are like most people in the prime of their lives, you're starting the process of thinking about your retirement now. It's a wise decision because there is just so much to consider. You will need to think about investing, putting together a profitable retirement portfolio, and which professionals to entrust your funds to. But one of the most important decisions you will be making is about where you should retire. Sarasota is a great Gulf coast city in Florida with many desirable attributes.

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The Best Retirement Communities are in Sarasota

According to Investopedia, some of the best retirement communities are located in Sarasota. But choosing a retirement community isn't the same as entering into a nursing home, or even into assisted living. There are several of them in the area that are for active individuals. It's a great way to meet new friends and have some experiences that you might not have had otherwise. 


The City is Highly Ranked for Retirees

The City of Sarasota itself is ranked very highly for being one of the best places to retire. In fact, according to TopRetirements.com, it is number two on the list. Only Asheville, North Carolina got a higher ranking. It received its ranking because of its lower cost of living, activities in the area, and because of the reasonable prices of homes in the local area. 


Florida Residents Experience Tax Breaks

Once you retire, you should have a generous amount of money set aside so you can live comfortably. But that does not mean you shouldn't seek out all the potential tax breaks you might be entitled to. If you choose to retire in Sarasota, you'll get to experience many of them. 


Florida does not have a state income tax. In addition to that, they also do not tax your retirement income, or your social security. The bottom line is that you get to keep more of the money you worked so hard to earn your entire life. This fact alone is one of the main reasons so many retirees go to Florida. 


Experience the Culture of Sarasota

The Sarasota area offers so much to do, so even when you're retired, you can feel busier than ever, depending on how active you want to be. You'll find art galleries, the opera, the aquarium and many historical landmarks in Sarasota. If you're looking for a place where boredom is never a possibility, this may be the best city for you. 


Make the Most of Your Senior Years in Sarasota

What did you envision when you first began thinking about your retirement? Maybe you were thinking that you would like to live in a place where the weather was relatively warm year-round. Or, perhaps you wanted a location that would give you plenty to keep you busy as you enjoyed the best years of your life. Regardless, Sarasota is an excellent option. 


The beaches in the Sarasota area are among the best in the world. With the right amount of planning, you could even own a beachfront property, which is something that a lot of people dream of, but are never able to accomplish. Your retirement planning can mean the difference between having the time of your life or settling for less than you deserve. 


At Caldwell Trust, nothing is as important to us as helping you reach and even surpass your retirement goals. We have had the privilege of working with so many people who had big goals, but they did not know how to achieve them. But when you work with us, you'll find that we're determined to help you experience retirement like you never thought possible. 


Please contact us today and learn more about how we can help you. 


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