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Caldwell Trust Company Reaches Milestone: One-Half Billion Dollars in Assets Under Management; Milestone Represents 25 Percent Increase Since January 2009

by Caldwell Trust
VENICE, FL—Caldwell Trust Company, an independent trust company based in Venice and Sarasota, now exceeds one-half billion dollars in assets under management according to R. G. “Kelly” Caldwell, Jr., CEO and president. “This milestone indicates both an increase in overall portfolio value and a growth in client base,” he says. “Thanks in large measure to our clients and truly dedicated staff, we met the half-billion dollar mark in the fourth quarter of 2011-- an increase of over 25 percent since January 2009, when we were managing $400 million.

“We are pleased with this advance, especially in the current economy. It represents not only a testimony to our management skills but also a strong showing of client satisfaction, since most of our new clients come to us through personal referrals.” Emphasizing the company’s philosophy, he says, “Our clients appreciate our highly personal approach as we deliver traditional trust services. They also appreciate that we’re an independent company and will remain that way.”

Headquartered at 201 Center Road, Venice, the company relocated its second office to 1561 Main Street, Sarasota, in May 2009 to continue servicing clients throughout the country. Caldwell Trust Company offers a full range of fiduciary services to individuals including services as trustee, custodian, investment advisor, financial manager and personal representative. Additionally, the company manages 401(k) and 403(b) qualified retirement plans for employers.

Under his guidance, Caldwell Trust Company has been in an expansion mode since the early 2000s and in fact has added three more trust officers as well as a marketing manager—its first—within the past 14 months, for a total of nine trust officers. Kelly Caldwell prides himself on keeping the company lean and agile. An engineering honors graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology, he has overseen development of proprietary financial management software that allows the company to manage its back-office functions with an energetic, talented operations staff.

“We focus on building long-term client and staff relationships,” Kelly says. As a result, the rate of staff turnover since the company’s founding is just above zero. With a cadre of long-term employees and carefully selected new hires, the CEO and his team have prepared the company to serve a growing client base well into the future.

Caldwell Trust Company had its roots in the 1970s, when Roland G. Caldwell, Sr., formalized his consulting services by establishing Caldwell & Co., an advisory firm specializing in investment guidance for the trust industry. By the late 1980s, the senior Caldwell was writing a respected investment newsletter and consulting for a major bank in Venice. Roland G. “Kelly” Caldwell, Jr., joined his father in 1988. After watching numerous bank sales and mergers, they decided to form their own trust company, which would remain independent. Their unique blend of investment expertise and proprietary software brought early success to the business that was chartered as Caldwell Trust Company in 1993.