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Market Snapshot: The Financial Market is Overdue for a Sell Off

by Caldwell Trust

Tim_market_snapshotBy our count we have gone approximately 740+ market days without the start of a 10% correction.  You just can't keep a good market down.  Despite a correction having yet to materialize, we maintain the view that this market is getting a little long in the tooth and we are overdue for a sell off. If you keep a point of view long enough you will eventually be right...a broken clock is right twice a day. We still anticipate the first interest rate increase to come no earlier than mid 2015 off the back of the Fed competing its bond purchase program by year end.

Under the Interesting News Column: Apple announced its new iPhone, the iPhone 6.  We believe that this is a buy on rumor, sell on the news scenario and that most of the news regarding the new phone has already been priced into the stock.  

GE sold its appliances business to the Dutch firm Electrolux for $3.5 billion, a small transaction for GE nonetheless, firms are taking the increase in mergers & acquistion activity as a chance to not only buy large competitors but also shed non-core businesses.    

Caldwell Trust Company

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