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Gentle Reminder to Obtain Cash Prior to Storm

by Caldwell Trust

cash from ATM.jpgAs everyone is preparing for the approach and potential impacts of Hurricane IRMA, we wish to remind you to obtain cash today or tomorrow to have on hand for groceries and other needs as they arise after the storm. The wind gusts could take down power lines and that leaves most retailers with the ability to only accept cash. We are here to certainly assist you on this front. 

We do plan to close our offices tomorrow, Friday, September 8th, at noon. As of now, it is expected that we will resume normal operations on Tuesday, September 12th. Emergency communications from clients during this time will be monitored and managed to the best of our ability.  More updates will be made available on Facebook so follow us there.  

Be safe everyone.

Godspeed to all,

R.G. "Kelly" Caldwell
President & CEO