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Caldwell cares about its community...and the community responds

by Caldwell Trust

The spirit of giving has been a key element in Caldwell Trust Company's corporate culture since its founding twenty years ago. Now several organizations have made their gratitude official with formal honors and awards. We are humbled to be part of this community and be recognized. My father always taught us that it's important to give back, and since the day we were formed, we've always been following that model. We couldn't do it without great staff. All of them are very, very active in the community and is certainly a part of our success.

Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Sarasota City manager Tom Barwin and Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce board chair Lisl Liang awarded Caldwell Trust with two Silver awards in the Winner's Circle: one for "Investing in the Future" and the other in recognition of Caldwell's 20 years of service to the community. Caldwell's selection was based on the results of the Salute to Business Survey, which the Chamber had previously distributed to its members. In Photo from left to right: Tom Barwin, Jan Miller, R.G. "Kelly" Caldwell, Sheryl Vieira and Lisl Liang.


Sarasota County Government

At the November 5 meeting of the Sarasota County Commission in Venice, Commissioner Charles D. Hines presented a certificate of recognition to Caldwell Trust Company "in recognition of its 20th Anniversary." The certificate honors Caldwell as a "shining example of corporate responsibility...that has contributed more than $1 million to community organizations and has been a source of steady employment." In Photo from left to right: Charles Hines, R. G. "Kelly" Caldwell, Jr., Jan Miller, Susan Hines (Mrs. Charles Hines), H. Lee Thacker Jr., and Wendy Fishman.


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