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Advocating for Life: Designating an Elder Care Coordinator

by Caldwell Trust

elder car coordinatorWhen it comes to making decisions for an elderly loved one, experience, time, and emotions can get in the way. For many families, this may be the first time they have faced the difficult medical, day-to-day, and legal questions that will forever affect the well-being of another. Utilizing the help of an experienced professional to assist in geriatric care can ease the burden on both the person in need and their family and friends. In particular, an elder care coordinator is an ideal solution for those who seek an adviser and organizer to help navigate through the challenges of providing long term care.

What Is an Elder Care Coordinator?

An elder care coordinator shares many versions of a title: a geriatric care manager, senior care coordinator, etc. All share the same purpose: organizing the legal, medical, financial, and living aspects of an elderly person’s care.  

Elder care coordinators are professionals with direct experience working with the senior population. Many are social workers or counselors adept in personal counseling or navigating government programs such as Social Security. Others are nurses who can assist in breaking down more complicated medical jargon and can give opinions on physical care options. Then there are lawyers who are there to provide legal and financial management for estate planning and coordination.

No matter their background or speciality, the coordinator’s goals is to maintain the highest quality of life as the person ages and their needs change. Some of their many services include developing and overseeing care plans with both the client and their family, providing counseling to family members, overseeing and designating care providers, interviewing supported living facilities, helping with financial and legal paperwork (including Medicare), and scheduling appointments and procedures.  

According to the New York Times, there are several organizations that oversee geriatric care managers to ensure they are up to industry standards. They include the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers or similar oversight organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers.  

Is an Elder Care Coordinator Right for You?

Coming to the realization that the care of a family member requires professional assistance can be an emotional process. The challenges of seeing one age and become less in charge of their own care, however, can place a major hardship on a person or family. This is especially true if there are questions regarding long term medical care. A care coordinator should be there to ease the mind and to translate what needs to be done to maintain a higher standard of living.

That knowledge and dependability makes a senior care coordinator indispensable. This is especially true because the typical primary family caretaker most likely lacks the know-how essential to manage an estate. Their work is especially important when there is a long distance factor between family members or the loved one and their overseer. With the amount of paperwork and estate upkeep that will require someone with the command of the legal processes.

Another common issue arises when many people attempt to oversee a loved one. While the inkling to involve the whole family family is a noble one, conflicts can arise quickly, especially in when hard decisions must be made. The coordinator can serve as a mediator, a counselor, and and a trusted expert to both explain and steer the family towards the best solution for the client.

A Coordinator With Purpose

As a loved one ages, so does questions regarding their immediate and future care. With families needing the knowledge, energy, and time from a professional with experience in all aspects of senior living, a care manager is a great solution. There to provide medical, legal, and emotional knowledge, selecting an elderly care coordinator can help both the client and their family go into the next stages of their lives knowing that they are receiving the best care possible.

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