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Bank Statements - To Keep or to Trash?

When it comes to banking, nowadays you can virtually do everything online. In fact, some online-only banks have begun to emerge ...
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What Happens If You Don't Have an Estate Plan?

  An estate plan gives you the opportunity to proactively manage your individual asset base if an accident, illness, or other ...
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Tips for Having Conversations with Your Family About Estate Planning

Talking about estate planning with your loved ones isn’t always easy. In fact, it can sometimes feel a bit morbid and ...
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Raising Financially Independent Children

The modern world can be an incredibly tough place to raise financially responsible children. Today's kids live lives marked by ...
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There's No Place Like Home: Your Financial Planning is Key

The idea of wanting to remain in your home for the duration of your life, surrounded by the familiar that evokes wonderful ...
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Sonya Kristie, Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer

At Caldwell Trust Company there are many different ways and many different services that we can provide our clients. Gene ...
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Appoint a Trustee or Take Advantage of the Popular Prepaid Florida College Plan

There are many ways to ensure your children or grandchildren can attend college without them being buried in debt or your ...
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Trusts & The Benefits: How to Make Sure Your Children Don’t Treat Their Inheritance Like They Won the Lottery

Inheriting a large sum of money at an early age without any adult financial supervision can lead to the money being misspent very ...
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Charitable Plan: You Have a Big Heart AND Substantial Assets but No Next of Kin to Leave it To

In the event that you have substantial assets and do not have a next of kin or anyone in mind to designate as a beneficiary, you ...
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