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Sheryl Vieira

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Tidewell Hospice nominates Jan Miller as Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer

Tidewell Hospice has nominated Jan Miller, Caldwell executive vice president and trust officer, as its Outstanding Fundraising ...
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How Does a Winter Resident Prove Florida Residency? Consult with a Licensed Florida Trust Company

As some of our clients are “winter” residents in Florida, more and more people are making a permanent move to Florida to enjoy ...
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Caldwell Trust has become a trust leader and we intend to remain one

James F. Gabbert, chairman of Caldwell Trust Company, is proud to be associated with Caldwell Trust Company and to be able to say ...
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3 Important Professionals to Contact in an Emergency

Dealing with an emergency is stressful for everyone. The unexpected nature can catch you off guard and leave you in a panic, not ...
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Highest Standard of Excellence Awarded: Scott Antritt, Caldwell Trust

A big congratulations to Scott Antritt, Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer at Caldwell Trust Company for completing ...
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Five Tips to Keep Your Financial Assets Safe from Inheritance Tax

You’ve worked hard your entire life, and now you want to be sure that your family will be taken care of after you’re gone. You’ve ...
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Giving from the Heart and Receiving Thanks

’Tis the time of year for our team at Caldwell Trust Company to review our sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming season. ...
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Lee Thacker Jr. is named senior executive vice president

H. Lee Thacker Jr., has been named Senior Executive Vice President of Caldwell Trust Company. Thacker has been with the Trust ...
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How an Investor Can Protect Against Fraud and Institutional Failure

Since the frauds like Madoff and Nadel and the institutional failures like Lehman Brothers and  Washington Mutual came to light; ...
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