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How to Protect Your Social Media Assets

You can utilize the following tips to protect your social media assets and make the transition easier on your loved ones.
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How To Turn Your Estate Plan Into A Legacy Plan

Planning for your financial future can seem like a complicated process - especially when you factor in the many different terms ...
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Your Digital Assets Can Be Protected: Here's 5 Assets To Consider Including When Estate Planning

When most people are ready to develop their estate plan, they want to develop a strong plan for the future and ensure that all of ...
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How to Start Estate Planning: Managing Your Digital Assets

Estate planning involves more than just preparing a will or trust to distribute your assets when you die. A solid estate plan ...
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Understanding the Difference Between a Legal Will and an Estate Plan

We often get questions about legal wills and estate plans. We hope to help clarify the difference between a legal will and an ...
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What Happens To Your Digital Legacy When You Go?

When developing an estate plan, there are so many elements to worry about that many people end of forgetting a whole category of ...
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Do You Come First with Your Financial Advisor?

Caldwell Trust Company serves as a true fiduciary meaning we hold ourselves to a higher professional standard. Over the past 12 ...
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6 Smart Spending Habits to Pass Down to Your Children

Teaching children about how money is earned and the responsible way to manage it is important, but not often discussed. As soon ...
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What Is the Intent Of The Settlor When It Comes To Discretionary Language Within Their Trust?

Every family has their own unique make-up and no two are alike – each member of a family has their own separate distinctions and ...
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