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Roland G. Caldwell, Founder

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A Brief Investment Comment

After eight years of focusing on Yellen and short term interest rates, it may be hard for some in the financial business to ...
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Caldwell Trust Company: Investment Letter October 2006

This month we would like to cover some pretty key issues that too often get pushed into the background in the daily grind of ...
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Southwest Florida real estate market changes

A Year’s Perspective Almost daily headlines in our local newspapers trumpet what’s going on in the real estate market, both here ...
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Maximizing returns on invested wealth

Each day most of us see charts and graphs that show the stock market as moving up and down in no obvious direction.  The easy ...
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Economist Dr. Arthur Laffer and The Laws of Supply and Demand

One of our longest and best relationships has been with economist and presidential advisor, Dr. Arthur Laffer and his firm, A.B. ...
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Economic expansion and its attendant benefits remain as the only hope

It seems almost ritualistic that about once each year, or less, we feel the need to try to bring things into a little clearer ...
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Elemental changes altering the way investors are responding

This month we think there is a need to add further comment to last month’s Investment Letter. You may recall that we put ...
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Investing Smartly Mandates Changes

Every once in a while we come face to face with something that cannot be avoided if investing smartly mandates changes. This ...
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Fed, Oil and Iran: Reasons for the recent softness in stock prices

Recent softness in stock prices appeared to come rather suddenly and unexpectedly.  The usual reasons given are almost always ...
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