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Chris McGee, CFA CAIA

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March 2020 Executive Market Summary

As of the end of March the scope and the duration of Covid-19 domestically was unknown. The uncertainty was duly reflected in ...
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Executive June Summary

Global capital markets all moved higher in June. The major domestic equity market benchmarks all advanced in the 7% range. The ...
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Executive April Summary

Earnings releases last week were plentiful; just under 50% of S&P companies have reported earnings for Q1. Approximately 80% ...
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Executive March Summary

The big news in March was the renewed fears of a global slowdown which prompted a decline in interest rates. In the U.S. the ...
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Executive February Summary

  For global markets February was largely a continuation of the positive results generated in January only less so. All major ...
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Executive January Summary

Global markets rebounded in January recouping some of the losses suffered in Q4 of 2018. All major global and regional markets ...
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Special Market Commentary

The Bottom Line - - We continue to be optimistic and have advocated not taking any drastic action during this period of ...
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Market Preview for Week of 10/15/18 - Investor Sentiment

Executive Summary: Domestic equities decline meaningfully Global markets generally fare worse Equity markets repricing after ...
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Monthly Market Commentary: September 2018 Recap

Considering it was September, domestic equity markets performed relatively well last month. The red-hot NASDAQ cooled a bit ...
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