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Raising Financially Independent Children

Posted by Sonya Kristie

The modern world can be an incredibly tough place to raise financially responsible children. Today's kids live lives marked by material desires and targeted marketing; they regularly see their parents commit financial mistakes, and with their needs and most of their desires met, they often don't see any reason to be concerned about money. It's a parent's job to overcome these challenges by imparting financial smarts, starting early on so that kids grow up with an understanding of and respect for money. The tips below can help you teach your children to be financially responsible – which will significantly increase the odds of them becoming financially independent adults.

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Topics: Trusts & Estate Planning

How Much Is Enough to Leave Your Children - Marriage / First Home / First Business

Posted by Caldwell Trust

For parents, there is no greater concern than protecting the health and happiness of their children. However, it can be hard to predict what life will bring or where a child may want to head with his or her life. That is why, when setting aside an inheritance for a child, it is essential to consider various adult milestones.
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