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Elemental changes altering the way investors are responding

Posted by Roland G. Caldwell, Founder

This month we think there is a need to add further comment to last month’s Investment Letter. You may recall that we put forward in that Letter several pretty fundamental but powerful assertions suggesting the need for some investment re-emphasis due to elemental changes that appear to us to be altering the way investors must now respond.

The key points raised were:(1) that the impact on investments of having a second-rate educational system in America vis-s-vis the emerging economies of the world perhaps has become more than just of passing interest to partisan politicians; and (2) that a radical change in the overall marketplace due to the heavy use of and reliance upon risk-averting types of “non securities,” i.e., derivatives, by big investment management professionals, maybe making it almost mandatory that investors no longer ignore its impact ¾ suspiciously not always for the good.

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