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Money Management Tips: Paying Off Debt vs. Investing Long Term

It is that exciting feeling of finally being out in the professional workforce and making enough extra money where you have some ...
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What is a Cash Balance Retirement Plan?

The right retirement plan is an essential part of your business. For some businesses, a cash balance plan makes the most sense. ...
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5 Things You Should Teach Your Kids About Money

Far too many kids graduate from high school not knowing the basics of financial literacy. They don't know how to balance a ...
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Tips For Teaching Your Kids Good Financial Habits

Teaching your kids good budgeting skills and positive financial habits can prove to be a challenge when they don't see much need ...
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Don’t Let Money Take Control of Your Retirement

Would it surprise you to learn that more Americans are losing sleep over their finances now than they did during the Recession? ...
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4 Things to Look for When Hiring an Investment Advisor

When you hire an investment advisor, you are putting your financial security in the hands of another person. This is not a ...
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Caldwell Trust Company: Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Can Help You

If you needed to ask a friend to help manage your assets, for example, to manage your estate or your investments, whom would you ...
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Corporate & Personal Trustees: One in the Same, Right?

You trust your family and friends, so you might as well appoint someone you trust as a trustee, right? When it comes to deciding ...
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How Will 5G Impact Investment Opportunities?

5G or not 5G? That is our question. Media and tech reports are abuzz about this new technology but definitions are buried in ...
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