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5 Life Occurrences When Your Estate Plan Should Be Updated

If you already have your will, trust, and other estate planning documents in place, congratulations. You’ve taken an important ...
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Your Essential Estate Planning Documents to Gain Peace of Mind (Part 2)

In a previous post, we discussed two essential estate planning documents that will give you and your family peace of mind, and ...
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Your Essential Estate Planning Documents to Gain Peace of Mind (Part 1)

We know that planning for your family’s future, for after you are gone, may feel daunting on many levels. The reality is, your ...
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Advocating for Life: Designating an Elder Care Coordinator

When it comes to making decisions for an elderly loved one, experience, time, and emotions can get in the way. For many families, ...
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Avoiding a Guardianship: 4 Steps You Can Take Today

Having little or no control of one’s estate and care can leave you feeling helpless—especially when an accident or decline in ...
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Tips for High Income Earners to Lower Their Taxes in 2015

As a high income earner, you have worked hard for every penny of your assets. However, come tax time, you may be struggling to ...
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Fido…What Will Happen to Him Once I’m Gone?

You may never have asked yourself what would happen to your beloved pet when you do,  in fact, pass. Many of us don’t think that ...
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Wealth Management: How to Handle an Inheritance of Any Size

Reports show that since the recent financial crisis, fewer Americans expect to receive any sort of inheritance from their parents ...
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How Can I Help My Granddaughter Pay for College?

Higher education costs are at an all time high. Last year alone, 71% of students had an average student loan balance of $29,400 ...
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